Don't show inactive BPs/Items in enterprise search

Currently the enterprise search displays also inactive BPs and Items. 
No one need this entries in the enterprise search. 
It would be perfect to fade out this inactive BPs/Items from enterprise search result.



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    Hi Bastian

    Thanks a lot for your input.

    The enterprise search is currently reviewed by development. Which means that future releases will include enhancements.

    This particular issue is under review as well.

    Thanks again and kind regards


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  • So true.. This is a real pain. In our case the enterprise search is almost useless for some of us, because they see so many inactive items.

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  • Hi, on our side it is different, we need to see them...

    Some of us can see them and other don't... WHY?
    How to manage this?


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  • Dear Marie and all Followers

    The request has been implemented with coresuite version 7.05 and you can manage the view through the setting:
    Please note that we found out that it could lead to data inconsistency because of an existing bug within SAP Business One: If you face any data incosistency you have three options to change:

    1) DTW: Export in Excel, Correct it in Excel, Import with DTW
    2) Create a customize rule to update the data entries within the SDK
    3) Contact SAP
    Please do NOT update the data entries by Update Query as this would lead to further inconsistency and you would loose any Support by SAP.

    If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact support in order to further analyze your issue.

    Best regards,

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