Coresuite designer - Printer stearing by user groups

Hello Coresystems,

it would be very helpfull even at customers which have different localisations but one SAP Server or the user are sitting on different floors with severall printers for invoicing for each floor for example.

At the moment we have to do the printerstearing in that case by all the users.

A nother colomn typ usergroup would here be perfect for that. Maybe the SAP user groups could be used for that or a own user group definition form. 

A printer stearing on the user directly should than have more priority than the printer stearing of the user group in which the user is setted up.

Kind regards

Michael Hubenschmid



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    The functionality has now been implemented with Release 7.00

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  • Hi Michael,

    actually is it possible in another kind of way.

    You can add a query in the Freetext-Field of the Print-Definition which returns the user group

    In the Layout-Definition you can activate the Printer according to the Freetext.

    See sample in the screenshot.

    Perhabs it can help you.

    Kind regards Lothar

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