SwissPayment - force C6-Level payment

After ISO 20022 the only way to enforce a non-SEPA payment in EUR to a recipient in the SEPA-region (otherwise fulfilling the requirements for a SEPA-payment) so that Bank Charges code "OUR" is respected, is to leave blank all IBAN-related fields in the BP-Master. If filled in, Bank Charges "OUR" is disregarded and a SEPA-payment is generated with default ChrgBr "SLEV", by which the recipient bank may charge fees to the recipient.

Our customers now have to haul over their master data to blank out all IBAN-fields and keep IBAN only in "Account No.".

Much easier and user-friendly: Set up a Coresuite-UDF on level BP "force non-SEPA-payment (C6-Level)" to be ticked off by users enforcing C6-Level payments disregarding any entries in BP or each single document.




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