Ivan - [SR 382477] - Enhancement request in terms of the integrated checkout screen

Hi Team, 

Please assist with this enhancement request in terms of the integrated checkout screen:

 Attached are some screenshots of the integrated checkout screen. 
It gives you an overview of everything that has been added to the actual Service Report.


When you click on material, it will pop up with a listing of all the material. 
You can then select a part number, which will then display the details of that specific part related to the Service Report.


Similar behavior when you tap on the checklists. 
It will present a list of all the Open / Closed checklists. 
The only difference is that when you select a checklist, it does not open the checklist for you, it just closes the window.


So, the request is that if possible:

Could you please consider the ability to open and view the checklist from within the checkout screen while you are reviewing everything with the customer. 
I do understand that at this point it might only be the actual checklist screen (the screen where the engineer completed the checklist), but hopefully in the future if one uses checklists created in report view, it will show the checklist as the customer would see it.

 Currently, the engineer has to show the checklist to the customer first, before they can proceed to the checkout screen and then review the Service Report with the customer.   If the viewing of the checklist is part of the checkout screen it would just streamline the process a little.


P.S.  This has been tested with version 6.5.0 and 6.5.1







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