Coresuite Administration Assistant: Suggestions for improvement

Dear Coresuite-Team,

thanks for the CAA - I like it very much.
Here are some suggestions for improvement especially the first one, which initially leads me to write to you:

  1. It should be possible to maximize the window to full screen view.
    => Especially the Lists of "Companies", "Installed Modules" & "Log" should be maximized too in an according ratio.
    For our customers with multiple companies (up to 11 Live- & 11 Test-DBs) this would be really great.
    And BTW:
    The width of all columns should also automatically be fitted to the content then (in SAP-SDK-speech: oMtx.AutoResizeColumns() ;-)

  2. I'm not sure but the colored marking of a company in "Show selected"-Mode is superfluous in my eyes.
    Why isn't it the same as in "Show Aggregate"-Mode where only a selected company-checkbox shows the corresponding modules-list?

    In "Show selected"-Mode only one Checkbox should be selectable (behaviour like an option-list with unique selection then).
    But maybe I'm wrong because the company-checkbox is also used for the "Tasks" and
    doing a Task for more than one company would not be possible anymore.
    But isn't that what the "Show Aggregate"-Mode is for? 

    So this one is just to think about ;)

  3. In "Show Aggregate"-Mode another new column in the "Installed Modules" would be nice:
    "Installed in X of Y selected companies".

    This would show something like "3/7" for each module.
    This can prevent from accidentally remove an older version, which is the one and only in only one company (and happens to me on a customers system... ;-/ ).

Best regards,

Roland Toschek



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  • Dear Coresuite-Team,

    I nearly had overlooked the little new "resize-thing" at the bottom right corner and I wasn't sure if it's new or was there from the beginning ;)

    No - I read the ReleaseNotes then - it's new with 7.35 :-)

    Much better but not perfect ;). The Companies- and Log-Area can't be resized (individual height&width).
    But the bigger height of the log-area also helps a lot!
    And the installed modules area shows everything in one view now (the best at least :-))

    Thank you!

    The absolute best would be to be able to resize the frames of each area manually and the area-sizes or area-size-ratios would be stored on CAA-closing.

    Best-best-best regards,


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