Connect Coresuite Time to SAP Business One resources

It would be a great feature to connect Coresuite Time resources with B1 resources. The work models, holiday schedule and also productivity which you can set up nicely at Coresuite time refers directly to the internal capacity planning.

If you need labor for your manufacturing process and this is add as resources in your bill of material in SAP, today you have to transfer information you get from Coresuite Time manually to your internal capacity planning by add or deduct hours there. Otherwise you're not able to plan your production process.

For example: Resource A is commited for 20 hours a day by open production orders at this day. This resource capacity is the sum of say 3 workers (8h/d). You know in advance (and stored in Coresuite time), that one is sick for a long time, and the other one is not so experienced as the others and has a lower produtivity, say 60% instead of 80%. You need all this information to get the resource right in SAP. If you don't, you put in 3 x 8h X 80% = 19,2 h internal capacity, and that means SAP would tell you, there is no bottleneck.

In reality your calculation is: 8h x 80% + 8h x 60% = 11,2 h, and therefore you have a problem. But if Coresuite Time could set up this by using it's data, this would reduce work, late deliveries and stress.



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    Dear all.

    Thanks a lot for your input.

    We are currently evaluating how to proceed with coresuite time. Our target is to support all SAP standard objects.

    As soon as we have more information we will inform you.

    Best regards


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  • also: Make it possible to post time on the New Project

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