Ivan - [SR 381104] - Enhancement Request - Administration Portal

Hi Core systems team. 


With GDPR there have been some changes in terms of data security within the Coresystems application e.g. session timeouts

Could they consider adding a feature whereby when a user’s permission or license assignment changes, he is forced to log back into the system before he could sync changes to the cloud and SAP, similar to a timeout? The reason for this request is data preservation. Say for argument sake that a user’s license or permission is accidentally removed, he will not lose any of his changes when syncing his device due to this mistake. If a user uses a personal device that is not covered by the company device management software, by revoking his license or changing his permissions, could preserve data if that user leaves the company or his device is stolen.

There have been some rumors that the store will be merged with the Administration Portal, providing a platform where you can do everything from one location. Even though this is a good idea to reduce the number of sites to maintain, there is a request from our side in terms of access within this portal.

Similar to SAP, whereby you can restrict users to certain areas of the application, could this be applied to the portal as well? So you would have a superuser (admin user) which can do everything within the Admin portal allowed by Coresystems. Then you have users who are restricted to just do license and permission assignment, others that can make changes to the Settings or the Business Rules, etc. This will prevent users to accidentally change something in a section that they should not really touch as currently you either log in with the account password (which is also required for the store) or you make a user a superuser. In our case, we have people who look after licensing and we have people who build and implement the systems. We do not really want two to cross over to the other areas.

Should you require any further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me.




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