Coresuite Designer as a Service

Product idea:

Allow Coresuite Designer functions to be executed without the need of a running SAP client.



Mainly the idea is, that functions like report subscription or batch print of documents can be executed without an SAP client running. Additionally Coresuite Designer code should be executable in a way similar to the already existing Coresuite Service Customize.


Some ideas of functions would be:

- Report subscription with sending e-mails or generating PDFs

- Remote printing of documents

- Executing Print - or Layoutdefinitions

- Enabling the usage of LD / Layouthelper methods





  • your partner MTFBS is VERY VERY interested , for many customers!!! 



  • We are actually in need this, for some customers as well.


  • Such a feature will push endless opportunities within B1 installation. Go for it!

  • go ahead! sensationel

  • Would be a great feature especially for customers using the remote printing feature!

  • Yeah, we would need that in almost every b1 project, especially if documents will be added via DI API.

  • I will generate invoices as PDF by the service like SSRS Reporting services. This is standard for every modern billing system. When I generate a new invoice by the DI API - I do this for all our customers once a month - no PDF will be generated. So Coresuite should go strongly forward to fill this gap by a modern web api solution.

  • go for it. 

    Need it DESPERATELY.

  • IOT we need it

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