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Product idea:

Enable PDF/A (ZUGFeRD) compliant PDF creation with the Coresuite Designer.



Until now it's only possible to create PDF/A compliant PDFs out of SAP with a 3rd party software additionally to the Coresuite Designer, which the customer has to buy. It would be good, if this can be done directly in the Coresuite Designer.


More info about PDF/A / ZUGFeRD:

An interesting page to gather information would be the PDF association. In here you can find information/explanations to PDF formats:

Information concerning the ZUGFeRD format from “Forum elektronische Rechnung Deutschland”:




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    Dear all

    Thanks a lot for your input.

    We decided not to develop our own ZUGFeRD integration as there are already existing solutions from other partner available.

    Please contact us and we will give you more details.

    Best regards


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  • We had several requests for this feature!

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  • ZUGFeRD will be a further Standard in Switzerland.

    Customer (a real big Swiss Company) allready ask us to send Bills only ZUGFeRD.

    And several other Cusomer have ask also in the meantime.



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  • We have two customers which requested to send invoices as ZUGFeRD or alternativly X-Rechnungen, PDF/A.

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  • take the CKS.DMS

    It can create and read ZUGFeRD compliant PDFs and works wit coresuite designer.

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  • Hi all,

    one of our customers, working in automotive sector, got a request from his customer, a big player in the automotive industrie, that invoices need to be delivered as ZuGFerd e-invoice.

    So, do we have to create our own solution - SBO electronic documents and convert them into Zugferd  - or will it be soon available inside coresuite country package?



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