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According to the Feedback to our Support request #69407 it's currently not possible to configure a Differentiation of the synchronization of documents to cloud.

It should be possible to configure documents by attribute to cloud or not.



1. Reduce data traffic to and from the cloud

2. Exclude documents explicitly from cloud synchronization (e.g. due to customer request)





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    Hi Marco,

    Thank you for the request and interest. I work as PO for the ERP integration part of our Core FSM solution and I was looking into your feedback.

    At the moment we have a prioritization scheme for the data synchronized to SAP B1. By adjusting the priorities for the different supported object types (documents), we can ensure that some crucial data would be synchronized before some more routine bulk data. There is a lot of flexibility here, but some examples could be:
    - sync large sized attachments like pictures after the smaller and more important data like Service Calls
    - or sync changes to Business Partner info before the large volume of changes to Item Warehouse Levels

    In any case, this prioritization can be configured per customer account, please contact our support (reference internal ticket CPB-3013)

    I can also say that we want to offer this config options with the Administration app directly and we will be working on that soon. I also know that this doesn't solve your request completely, but it would certainly help if at peak work times the most important data is ensured to be synced first, while the bulk of unwanted data can be synced slower out of working times, maybe during the night. I also take note of the feature request to actually be able to stop sync entirely for some data.



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