Default amount for Item Expenses not populated on mobile


When creating item expenses it is possible to define an amount for the expense. When processing these expenses via coresuite time the amount automatically defaults.

When processing the same expense via mobile app the amounts to not default.

The reason this is important is because we have many expenses for which the consultants can claim/charge according to standard (default) rates. Since the expenses do not default onto the mobile app the consultant needs to manually enter the expense amount but there are too many to remember and it leave too much room for error.

We are currently processing these expenses via a material entry because the amount can be automatically determined by the Item Price but it's not ideal because they then have to select Warehouse and other non-relevant information.




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    Hi Grant,

    Thanks for your feedback and the interesting suggestion. I will investigate it and get back to you shortly



  • Hi Grant,

    We have had a look into your suggestion and will see if we can get it onto the roadmap.

    Many thanks again for the tip.



  • Hi,


    I have also a customer who need this functionality. Martin can you give me a feedback in which Version it will be solved?


    Best regards,


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