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    Dear Ryan,

    Thank you for your post. We had a lot request for this feature and I really wish we would be able to have this in our product soon. However, for technical reasons, we cannot achieve a full-automatic synchronization - it would requires a bigger change in our architecture.

    While we are constantly checking new technologies that would help us to move in a full auto-sync, you can for now enable "Synchonize on startup" and "Sync Application Data" as an action when Share Gesture is used (if you are using a mobile phone). This might help to reduce the synchronisation need.




  • Thanks for the quick reply Sebastien.

    This auto sync feature would ensure optimum efficiency and avoid user errors and potential customer/internal service related issues.

    In the meantime would a prompt to remind the user if their device has not been sync'd within a configurable time period be a workaround?

  • Hello Ryan,

    I see and agree with you. However a prompt as a reminder within the app is not foreseen yet. You can, through the use of the Business Rules, send an email/sms (sms has fee) to technician regularly to remind them of something.

    Another thing we do is send an sms (or email) to the technician when a new Activity is assigned to him, this way, you make sure that your Tech has a better chance to see a new Activity that is assigned to him. This option is disabled by default, but you you just have to enable this in the Admin Portal, under Company / Business Rules (look at the sample rules).

    Hope it helps.



  • Hi

    I sent the same request yesterday to Coresystems because our Customers share this need too

    I hope this will come soon in the next releases

    We have already set the SMS notification to technician


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