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The request for an order matrix style has been on the road map since we went live with Coresuite. This was requested to make it easier to search for an item and place sales order.



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    Hi Tony,

    We are not planning to implement this option in sales orders.
    In the past we created Addons for our customers to support this in SAP Business One as it is not a standard feature also there. We realized this varies a lot depending on the customer and does not fit as standard feature in our solution.

    Often we could solve these requests best by using an online shop that often supports this out of the box. 

    Therefore this feature is not on the roadmap of our Field Service Mobile Solution.

    I am sorry for any inconvenience caused.

    Kind Regards,


  • Dear Tony,


    Thanks for your request. May I ask you what do you mean with "order matrix style"? What do you want exactly to achieve?



  • Dear Sebastien,

    That is when a user goes in to add a sales order for a shoe (for example), when they select a shoe it gives them a matrix of the possible colors for that particular shoe. Upon selecting a particular color for the shoe, it further displays a matrix of the possible sizes available for that particular shoe and color. This matrix must not just be a three tiered matrix but could be more.


    Kind Regards


  • Dear Sebastien,

    Just to add a little bit more detail, the matrix is like a table - when they select a shoe it may have colors down and sizes across and they select in the table.


    Kind Regards


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