Display / Authorizations of Efforts on FSM

Hello Coresystems,

It would be great if you could optimize the Display / Authorizations of the efforts on the FSM.
At the moment it is only possible to set the permission to "all" of "own".

But for a technicion Its always as well Important to know what his colleques have done ob the Same objects he works on (for example Service calls).

So it would be a very good Function that a technician can also See the efforts of others on the objects he works on Ort from the Same Team (SAP B1 Object Team of coresuite Time Or UDF Team -> SAP B1 Territories).

Because If he has in the current FSM versions the permission "all" for efforts, he can See all the Other efforts on a servicecall But than the Menu efforts in the Main menu is no more reale usable for the technician to Check his own added efforts.
And when the permission is set to "own" the Menu efforts in the Main Menu is good for the technician, But than he doesn't See the efforts of his co-Workers on Servicecalls.

If this is not implementable By the permissions Maybe a Filter on the efforts Main Menu Function (team, only my) can achieve this optimization.

Kind Regards

Michael Hubenschmid

Und zwar wäre es für einen Techniker von Vorteil wenn man definieren könnte das er alle Leistungen auf Objekten sieht, die ihn ebenfalls betreffen (u.U. Über das Objektteam oder das Team.

Momentan ist es nur möglich zu definieren "Alle" oder "Eigene".

Bei "Eigene" ist dann das Problem das man z.B. auf einem Serviceabrufen nur seine eigenen erfassten Leistungen sieht. Was jedoch wiederum im Menüpunkt Leistungen von Vorteil ist.
Bei "Alle" sieht man dann zwar bei Serviceabrufen für die man ebenfalls zuständig ist auch die Leistungen der Mitarbeitenden Kollegen, jedoch ist dann der Menüpunkt Leistungen für den Techniker zur Übersicht aller seiner Leistungen nicht mehr nutzbar. Vielleicht kann man diesen Punkt auch über eine Filter im Menüpunkt "Leistungen" lösen.



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  • Hi Michael,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Your point about permissions is very valid. We clear see the need for a more control over permissions.

    We will check it out and try to plan the review of the of the current permission concept. However, as there are currently many other things going on in product development, I cannot commit to any date.

    Best regards,



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