Sales Order Expenses Added To Service Calls

Currently add SAP B1 Sales Orders to Service Call Expenses.  This links the two together.  The line items show up in SAP but not on Mobile or the Resource Manger.  We would really like to be able to see this.



  • Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the feedback. Sounds at first glance like a great idea. Just for my understanding, can you explain a little bit about the extra value that this would bring you - for example: clearer understanding of your customers spend


    Martin Rainbow

  • The customer is primarily using the Resource Manager to schedule their deliveries.  We have the sales orders attached to the service calls through expenses in SAP.  It would be great for the dispatcher to be able to see what they are delivering.  What is going to fit on the truck???  Currently, they have to go to the service call in SAP and follow the link to the sales order.  We could create a crystal report to give them this info but, if it was visible on the Resource Manager and possibly the mobile app that would help out considerably.


    Tom Arnold


  • Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the detailed update. Sounds like a useful addition; we'll check whether we can incorporate this into the application.

    Have a productive day,

    Martin Rainbow

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