Filter in opportunities

  1. In businesspartners there is a filter selection on region (gebied=dutch)

We would like to have this filter selection also in opportunities.


  1. When you are in business partners you can go to a map.  We would like that when we make a selection with filter and we go to the map that only the businesspartners selected are shown on the map


  1. Can we have this button to go to a map also in opportunities


  • Dear Philip,

    Thanks for your feedback. Improved filters are on the roadmap for Mobile and we will take your input into consideration when doing these improvements.

    For the map, I believe you want to see the location of the Business Partners connected with these opportunities, correct?


  • Hello Sebastien,


    Thanks for the quick respons

    Yes, we would like to have some changes in the opportunities

    1. An extra field in the filter of the opportunities.  We would like to be able to select on the region (gebied=dutch)

    2. Also a buttom to see the location of the selected opportunities


    Also when you filter on the business partners and you go to the location then only see the selected BP




    Philip Bergeman

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