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Our customers are complaining about the order of the signing process and the view of the standard checkout report.

The customers like to see the checkout report on the screen BEFORE they have to sign it on the device. They complain about signing something which they have not had a chance to verify or see on the screen.

Thank you for considering this customer-whish in future releases.

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    Hi Claudia,

    Thank you for your feedback. We got this feedback often from different customers lately. The main reason why it was implemented that way was to allow different configuration options in the screen before showing the report. Some customer do the checkout even without the report. 

    The current workaround we often implement is to show the report via Print & Send before doing the checkout. Then in the checkout you capture the signature and continue (usually without showing the report again). 

    Since this workaround is not very guided and requires usually extra training for the technicians we are working on a concept to make the Workflow Steps (previously known as Service Assignment Status) configurable to allow the different ways for checkout. That way the configuration is done on company level and the technician just has to select the button to do the checkout.

    This is currently still in concept stage and not yet planned in. But with all the requests we are getting at the moment I am confident it will be a high priority item for early 2017.

    Kind Regards,

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