Add travel time to effortrow

It would be great if our engineers can add their traveltime to an effort row in coresuite mobile like in coresuite time. I 'm not aiming the mileage option thats allready available.



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    Hello George,

    There are currently two ways to capture travel time on the mobile:

    1. (as you have mentioned) Create a Mileage booking against the Activity and enter the start and end times
    2. Create an Effort booking against the Activity (perhaps with a note that the line item is for travel)

    We are also looking at creating a unified view so that users can see both in a single view.

    I hope that this has answered your question satisfactorily; Please let me know if this is not the case. I wish you a very productive day.



  • Hi Martin,

    in coresuite time on premise we use the time travel fields in effort rows. I dont understand why these fields arent available in mobile. Because thats the we used it sinds 2008. The reason is one effort line with from en to time and a part of it is travel as activity.

    Maybe we have to wait until its available.

    regards and thanks for response.


  • Hi George,

    As I understand it, in coresuite time you can create an effort and the effort has an effort type - in your instance an effort type of "Travel" I would assume.  This is also possible with FSM - both standalone and with SAP.  

    Would you like for me to convert this request to a support ticket so that somebody will contact you shortly to talk you through the process?



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