Activities not linked to Opportunities **HIGH PRIORITY!!**

We have only been using the Coresuite system a couple of weeks for our sales reps on the road and have been notified that their activities cannot be linked to their opportunities through Coresuite. We feel that this is vital that the sales reps should be able to link their activities to their opportunities so they can see all history related to a particular activity. It is quite pointless that these activities are only being logged against the Business Partner only. 



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    Hi all,

    Thanks for your feedback. We'll have a look at this and get back to you with an update shortly.



  • Correction: **'so they can see all history related to a particular OPPORTUNITY'**

  • Hi Lyndsey,


    according to what I know, it is possible:


    A) to add an activity to an existing opportunity

    B) to create an all new activity and connect it to an opportunity (object)


    Assumed an activity has already been created, e.g. based on a businesss partner (object), it is unfortunately not possible to re-allocate the relevant activity to a different object, in your case to an opportunity.


    Hope this is of help and Display the functionality correctly.





  • Please this is becoming more and more urgent for all our customers.

  • Can you please have an urgent look at this requirement as all our customer are requesting this feature.

  • Hi,

    I also have a client (45 Mobile Users) who is desperately asking for this. It makes no sense that you create the activity against the Opportunity on the mobile device and then in SAP it gets attached to the Business Partner?

    Please can this be resolved urgently.



  • Hi all,

    We've had a look and I am happy to inform you that we expect to have this around summer of this year.  Please keep an eye on the product announcements and release notes for dates.

    Thanks for the feedback


    Martin Rainbow

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