Send Attachments with activity via Mail

Send Attachments (Photos, PDF etc) with activity via Mail. Currently you can only send the activity without attachments.



  • Dear Stefan,

    Thank you for your post. Could you please precise which Product are you talking about? In our Field Service Mobile Solution, you can send the Activity with an attached PDF report on both iOS and Android.



  • Dear Sebastian,

    Thank you for the fast feedback.

    It is the product Core Suite Mobile Client. The attached data to an activity are not transmitted by email. This was confirmed to me by the support.


    Beste Regards



  • Dear Stefan,

    I assume you are talking then about the Windows Version of the Mobile Client. Indeed this Version doesn't support sending attachements. Generally, we are closing the gaps between our Windows Mobile Client and the iOS and Android versions.

    I'll forward your request to the Product Manager of the Windows Mobile Version, she will give you more detailed information about when you can expect this feature.

    Best Regards

  • Dear Stafan,

    Thank you for the feedback. We have planned this improvement for a release in Q1 2017. 

    Kind Regards,


  • Dear Friederike,

    Thank you for the good news.

    Best regards,


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