Edit fields on the activity/sc/equipment.. without going to the edit mode

This is very important usability improvement for the mobile Clients (iOS, Android, Windows). 

Starting Point

Many company's service department ask their technicians to gather information when they are onsite at the customer side. Today we can provide them a checklist or UDFs to fill in this data. Checklist is nice but not so simple to take out single fields for the service report or into the ERP system. The way we usually implement it is with UDFs. 


Today from UI perspective it is very exhausting to edit UDFs. Each time I want to change something I need to click on the box with the arrow, edit, and then I am in the edit view. Only then I need to care about mandatory fields. If I don't click on edit, I am able to checkout the activity without having those fields filled in.


Much easier would be if I can directly edit those fields without going into the edit mode. I also shouldn't be able to checkout an activity without having all the mandatory fields filled in. 

First priority has the activity object, but it would be nice to have this also for the other objects.





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