"Handover" and "Take it"-button on Assignments

It is a nice functionality that technicians can handover assignments to each other without having the planner involved. Anyhow in most of the companies the planner is responsible for the scheduling and it is explicitly not wished that technicians can do their own planning. I therefore suggest to make these two buttons configurable with a setting or customizing.



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    Hello Philipp,

    Thanks for your input. Indeed I agree with you that in such case these buttons may not be needed. There is however a way to solve that: if you set in the Permission group assigned to your technician the Read "Own" and all the Create/Update/Delete to "None", these buttons should not appear anymore.

    Let me know if this would solve your request.


  • Hi Sebastien,


    Thank you for the fast feedback. I set the permissions on activity on read own and update own. As the technician need to update several UDF-fields I cannot change the update permission to none. 

    I think it would be better to have a separate setting for the buttons, as it could be that the technicians need to fill fields but are not allowed to plan themselves.


    Best regards


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