Filter «Meine Aktivitäten»

In der Maske Aktivitäten soll der Filter auf «Meine» zentral gesetzt werden können. Auf dem iOS-Gerät soll es keine Möglichkeit geben den Filter auszuschalten. Es soll verhindert werden, dass die Techniker andere Aktivitäten sehen können. Ausgenommen davon ist der Gruppencheckout.



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    Dear Philipp,

    Thanks for your post. Whereas the Home Screen displayed the Assignments assigned to the technician currently signed in the app, the Acitivity Screens aims to gives an overview without pre-filter. We have customers that are using this screen so that their technician can handover tasks easily to other technicians. For this reason, we would like to keep the filtering as it is now.

    Note that you can change the Permission Group and set the "Read" permission to "Own", this way, only the technician that are owner of this Activity will see it.





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