Contract information is missing in equipment details of Coresuite Mobile

 Dear all,

I added a new ticket to HelpDesk:

Your colleague suggest me to add new request in this Product Feedback discussions page.

I'm testing Coresuite Mobile app.

Neither on my Samsung Android smart-phone neither in Windows Mobile I cannot see the service contract number into the service call - equipment details as shown by your colleague Mr. Dmitry Nezlav.


He wrote:


It seems like the service contract is only displayed when using the iOS application. As this feature appears to be missing for Android and Windows Mobile I highly encourage you to post your request on our Product Feedback discussions. That forum is the primary channel used by our Product Management team and other Coresuite users to discuss possible new features and suggest workarounds.

Please, can you think to add this features also in Coresuite Mobile Android version?


Best regards





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