Mobile Sync importing Line total and not unit Price, causing line discounts.

Sales Invoices (Draft) imported from the mobile devices brings in only the Line totals and uses standard SAP B1 Functionality to calculate the Unit price. If the price has been updated since the last sync of the device the difference is compensated with a discount percentage on the line.

The is fine for accounts in the ledgers as the totals are correct.

the problem comes in when some customers do get discounts on certain items, and the fact that these get printed on the invoice layouts.
The lines with big discounts also does not work well with accountants who are pretty precise on what they see and need to work out what the real discount was for that line.

We have through about maybe updating the Layout, but it does not cover the discount % on the documents in the system or the % on the Layout is hard to find.

Is the following possible and if it is when could this be incorporated:

When the sync is done, could it not use the unit price and QTY when creating the the Sales Invoice in the system, not causing any discount issues?




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