Enterprise Search Performance suggestion on all documents search


It would be nice to set an number of days to look in the past for searching in Enterprise Search with option 'including closed documents' active

Now if you search an item you get al orders from the past, but this is only useful for a number of days in the past to see if a customer has already received his products. The performance is also then very slow, i takes more then 10 sec to open de 'order' info

You only need to set an extra parameter (in days) to look maximum days in the past.



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    Dear Mark,

    Thanks for your post. So far we do not plan to improve the search functionality, as this functionality is already now supported by SAP.

    For the performance issue, I'll contact support to  help check if there is a fix possible.


  • If you have a company that has some large customers (with a lot of orders, deliveries, ...) , you can not use Enterprise search anymore since it is becoming to slow after a while. You only have filter on my documents and open/closed, but we are missing parameter for timeperiod..

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