Restrict time projects based on business partner when adding efforts


When adding efforts in we can restrict service calls based on business partners. That seems to be working fine. But can not restrict on coresuite time projects based on BP.

Is it possible to add this feature in the new HTML 5 version which replaces the Silverlight client?






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    Dear George,

    We are currently working on a new Feature for managing recorded Efforts (as well as Expenses, Mileage and Material) in the new HTML 5 Client. You'll be able therefore to add those new Efforts there, however, no restriction in filtering is planned on Project. Still, we will also work later this year on a Project Management Feature that is likely to introduce a new "Container" for these Efforts. In this case, we will consider this restriction on Project as well.

    I'll keep you posted when we will have the details for this feature.

    I hope I was able to help you so far.



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