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coresuite service How to monitor errors?


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  • Lothar Hasenkämper

    Moin MW,

    If you would find a good solution for the subscriptions I'am interested,too.

    To make it a little bit easier you can use a LogViewer to filter a little bit easier.

    The SVCLOG is only used when you use the service-rules and batch-printing.

    A lot of subscriptions can be solved with it too, because you can call PrintDef with it too.

    See: SAMPLE: Print Open Sales Orders

    Another oppotunity is that you can run them with Load Balancing

    see: SAMPLE: Print Open Sales Orders Load Balancing

    To write the log you can do something like this

    // Write Log
    CoresuiteServiceAPI.DebugLog.Info(companyDatabase, "ATP Export abgeschlossen");
    // CoresuiteServiceAPI.DebugLog.Debug(companyDatabase, "DEBUG");
    // CoresuiteServiceAPI.DebugLog.Error(companyDatabase, "Error");
    // Open the Excel file if required
    if (openAfterSave)
    catch (Exception ex)
    CoresuiteServiceAPI.DebugLog.Error("e3dc2014", "ATP Export " + ex.ToString());
    //StatusBar.WriteError(errorMsg + ": " + ex.ToString());
    //Debug.WriteMessage(errorMsg + ": " + ex.ToString(), SwissAddonFramework.Messaging.Debug.DebugLevel.Always);

    regards Lothar


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