Aussagekräftige Namen von Checklisten PDFs

Wenn Checklisten erstellt und per Mail versandt weren, haben die angefügten PDF Dokumente alle den Namen "Checklist..."

Bei einer Checkliste pro Mail kein Problem. Werden aber mehrere Checklisten angefügt, kann man nicht mehr erkennen, welche Datei was beinhaltet.

Hier wäre es gut der PDF Datei einen sprechenden Namen, z.B. basierend auf dem Checklistennamen, zu geben.




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    Hi Jürgen, 

    To allow our whole community to understand the answer to your request I am writing in English. I hope that is OK for you.

    For the PDF files created based on JasperSoft Report Templates we do have already today different options to configure and change the name

    OPTION 1: Inside the JasperSoft report template you can define a new variable in the report that will define the name of the report used when sending the report via email or attaching the file to an object from within the mobile application. To do that you

    1. Download the report withing JasperSoft from your company
    2. Create a new variable in the report with name "REPORT_NAME"
    3. Add in the expression the values or fields you want to use to define the report name, e.g. $F{} + "_" + NOW( )
    4. Upload the report again to your company
    5. In the mobile application (e.g. iOS App) synch to get the latest report template and use this to send the checklist via email or attach it to the linked object.
      It will now use the new name defined in the report

    See attached the definition of the variable in JasperSoft
    OPTION 2: Define the name of the attached file when sending building reports and send them via Business Rules. In the Business Rule action "Build Report" you can define to build a specific report based on a specific event, e.g. checklist instances was closed and then send the resulting PDF file via email to a specific user or contact and/or attach it to a related object. 

    When doing that you can also define the name of the report file in a variable, e.g. 


    See attached sample:

    I hope this answers your question. Let me know if you have any questions.

    Kind Regards,


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