Default time selection for Effort

Since I have worked with CORESYSTEM for months. I always put all my effort at Start at [8:00AM] and End at [5:00PM] or [6:00PM] most of the efforts.
Every time when I create new effort. the Start Time is [0:00] So I have to choose [8:00AM] every effort.
It takes times to finish if I have many efforts to be created.

1) It will be better if we can assign our own default Start Time and End Time.
E.g. Start Time%A0set the default to [8:00AM] and End Time is set the default to [5:00PM]

2) If possible. we can set our own default time buttons and putting them next to the drop down time buttons.
e.g. We can customize our Start Time Buttons to [7:00AM]. [8:00AM]. and [9:00AM] / for the End Time Buttons to [5:00PM]. [6:00PM]. and [7:00PM].




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    Hi, Wisuth,

    Thank you for your feedback. Improving the user interface for the time entry control is on our roadmap, so you can expect to see improvements for this in the coming months. 


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