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The schedule gets really full showing reservations, time efforts, absence and scheduled service orders. Our customers ask for a filter-options to increase visibility while planning. Not all information is necessary on screen.



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    Hi Merlijn, thank you for your feedback. Do I understand correctly that you would have the option to filter out some of the information displayed on the planning board? (e.g. do not show reservation or do not show service orders?)

    I am a bit confused about the sentence "fill with time efforts" as this is not displayed on the planning board. Would be good if you could elaborate a bit more on this topic. thank you!


  • Hello Paolo,

    When reservations and/or absence are (also) visible within the calendar-view of the planned serviceorders (activities) the screen gets really full. This makes it harder for the planner to schedule. So they would like to be able to toggle this data in and out of view.

    The time efforts are not visible in the calendar, that was a mistake on my end.

    Kind regards,


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