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    Hi Roman,

    I would like to understand the Business Case behind this request. In general the Settings screen in the Mobile Apps has to main usages

    1. It displays information that might be required by support in case the technician on site has issues with the application and requires remote assistance
    2. It allows the technician to adjust user settings like Favourites or other options that configure the app to optimise the usability

    Could you give us details about the use cases and reasons why you need to hide this menu for the technicians?

    Kind Regards,


  • The company that requested for the config menuepoint to be not visible does not want to confuse the technicians by giving them too many options in the menue.

    This would simplify the layout.

  • Hi Roman,

    If it is just for this I could talk to our UX if we can make the settings less visible, but we cannot completely hide it as it is important for support and in case something does not work and the technician does not have this menu help cannot be guaranteed.

    I will put a task for us to think about the design but cannot promise anything that this will be planned in this years backlog.

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Kind Regards,


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