Delete/Remove check list when wrongly added to service call in the WFM

Good day support,


We have noted that it is not possible to remove a checklist that has been assigned to a service call in the WFM.

An incorrect checklist can be mistakenly assigned to a service call and it would be ideal if the application is ‘forgiving’ enough

to allow the user to rectify the mistake.



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    Hi Batsirannai Muzah,

    Thank you for your feedback. This feature is currently not planned mainly to prevent that a checklist instance is sent to a technician and then deleted afterwards.

    Today we only allow deletion of checklist instances that are not yet stored in the cloud but only on locally. Mainly to prevent that a lot of work done on site that often cannot be repeated gets lost.

    I created a product change request to allow deletion of checklist instances that are not closed and linked to activities that are not yet released. The reference for the request is CPB-15779. We will evaluate the best solutions for this request.

    Kind Regards,


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