Enter returned goods

Some of our customers works with salespersons on the road that also recieved returned goods. But there is no way to put the returns in de App. Would be a nice feature if its possible. Or is this already planned for the future ?




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    Hi Ricardo

    you can do Negative Sales Order >> Which might give you the result wanted.

    Rgds, Phlipp

  • If you enter for example -1 Quantity you get in iOS an error that it has to be more then 0 and on Android it removes the line. Also we had few weeks ago asked it to de helpdesk and they also confirmed its not possible. Thats why this feedback.

  • True. The feature is not yet planned. Can you tell us which backend (if at all) you are using. QB, B1, SAP ERP, AX, NAV, ProAlpha or MS CRM?


  • Using SAP Business One. Maybe something for on the planning list ?

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