Some logic when adding TimeEffort


When adding a TimeEffort on the Mobile Device I would appreciate if there is some logic which supports me to quicker add the new entry.

Following Logic would be nice:

- Check if there is already a TimeEffort on that day. If so propose the same time as the EndDateTime of the latest TimeEffort on that day.

- If there is no Time Effort on that day set the EndDateTime (instead as of today the StartDateTime) with the current DateTime. - I don't think any technician does claim time in advance.

- Possibility to only see 15 Minutes steps when selecting a time would be a nice thing. Probably the most companies do report with 15 or even 30 minutes accuracy.



  • This Feature would be great for us!

  • Dear Coresystems Colleagues

    As this is something I hear from time to time by our customers, can you please tell us if this is planned to be implemented.


    Thank you and best regards


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