Don't show technicians with outdated skills in filter

Dear Support,

While doing a training session with Ammann we recognized that even when a skill is no longer valid (see screenshot) the technician in the filter in WFM does still show up. So it seems that the valid to date is not considered at all.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

Philipp Glauser



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    Hi Philipp, when looking at the board I can show a span of few weeks (e.g. from 01.01.2017 until 21.01.2017). Now if a technician has a skill valid until 10.01.2017 should it appear or not in the filter results? As you can see the answer is not straightforward as it depends when I would like to plan a certain activity.

    I assume we would need to add an additional property like "skill valid until" and "skill valid from" in the filter options. We are gonna consider this when enhancing the filters. Thank you for your input. paolo

  • Hi Paolo, thank you for coming back to me on this point. I think what you mentioned is a good input and should be considered when you enhancing the filters.

    Do you already know when this enhancing will take place, will this be under the point Filter Part 2 which is on the roadmap?




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