Total items quantity on sales order

Is there a way to got an field who display total item quantity for a sales order before to validate it ?



  • Official comment

    Dear Mr. ZOCLY,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Is your request about having a total quantity that would add up the quantities of the different types of items? So, something that would give you 34 on the below screen?

    If yes, we would be glad to have more details on which business value you would expect from such a total. As for now, honestly, I do not see the benefit of it.

    Thank you for the clarifications you could bring in. We would be happy to help you.

    Best regards,

    Benjamin CANDELON

  • Comment from the customer as it was forwarded to our helpdesk:


    This is the expected result. So the purpose of my client, who sells cigarettes, is to avoid sales with an excluded quantity from the box. He wants push his sellers to sell box of cigarettes instead of a carton of cigarettes. May be you have a better solution?


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