Ability to Edit a Sales Order when it was already set as ready

Need the ability to make a change to a Sales Order (add new items, qty and prices) after it was set as ready or after it was created in SAP B1.



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    Dear Mrs., Mr.,


    Thanks for your feedback.

    Currently, a Sales Order that has been marked as ready could still be reverted to the "Draft" status and be modified.

    Please also note that there is a message warning the user before he marks a Sales Order as "Ready" that it means, he is committing to it.

    So this step is a toll agate and for now we do not have technical means to allow the user to change a Sales Order that has already been sent to SAP. Of course, the Sales Order could still be modified from SAP directly.

    I hope this clarifies the situation and answers your question.

    Best regards,

  • The problem is not with the Reps on the road but with the end customer itself that will call back and ask for changes. In my particular case this can happen anytime and outside of reg office hours.

    At least, can we get a cancellation option for the entire Sales Order ?

    Applicable to Sales Quotation as well...



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