Coresuite Mobile: Material consumption on service call on a default storage location set by user



the technician will always been assigned to one specific storage location.

In coresuite Mobile he currently has to fill in the storage location field, when he consums material on a service call. 

Our wish would be to have the storage location field prepopulated depending on the default storage location set by user.





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    Hello Philipp,

    With "storage location field" do you mean the "warehouse"?

    In the standard we usually define one warehouse that often represents the technician's car to be "owned" by the technician.

    In that case this warehouse is set as default warehouse when creating material on activities. That should cover your use case if I understand it correctly. 

    Additionally you might set the technician's permission to restrict to read own warehouse only. In that case the technician cannot change the warehouse to another than the warehouse assigned to him.

    If you see a different behaviour which mobile app (iOS, Android, Windows) and which version are you using?

    Kind Regards,


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