Adjustment of table columns in Checklist

Today when double clicking on a column in a table within a checklist the size does adjust according to the content within the cells. It would be nice if with another double click the column size would adjust to the initial size.



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    Hi Philipp,

    Thank you for the feedback. I assume you are talking about filling in the checklist instance on the iOS.

    While I understand what you mean it is not clear for me which problem this would solve. Currently the column sizes are reset to the default when changing chapters or after entering a value in the table. 

    The main purpose of adjusting the column size via double click is to be able to read the full content. You can do this for all columns and see the whole table content.

    One very small disadvantage I see if we would change back to default size with double click is that the technician selects by accident the already expanded column instead of another collapsed column and then gets annoyed that he has to expand both columns again.

    I assume you have an actual pain point you want to solve with this request, so could you tell me which is the exact problem or pain point this would solve for your technicians?

    Kind Regards,


  • Hi Frieddy,

    Thank you for the fast feedback. The thing is that if we double click for example the second column to read a bit more it gets very broad so that the columns which do follow in the table are no longer visible. That is why it would be appreciated to make it small and therefore more compact again.



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