Chargeable button always changes to Not Chargeble button when edit the effort

Sometimes I want to change the End time or edit the Notes but I have waste my time to change the "Not Chargeable" to "Chargeable" due to this button change to "Not Chargeable" every time when I edit that effort.

I am bored changing "Not Chargeable" to "Chargeable" which was already ok before.



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    Hi Wisuth,

    Thank you for your feedback. The logic when the chargeable option for efforts is on or off depends on different factors.

    In case the related service call was created in SAP B1 and coresuite time is running there is a setting on the service call for the charge option. This is set to "chargeable" by default. The mobile applications take this setting accordingly.

    If in your case the setting is always off it means probably that coresuite time is not running when creating the service call in SAP B1 or the service call is created from another application. In this case you have the option to adjust the effort creation screen via screen configuration and adjust the default value for this setting. 

    For further information please refer to our online documentation:

    I hope this answers your request.

    Kind Regards,

    Friederike Mundt

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