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Dear support,

When writing time in Coresuite Time in SAP there is the option to indicate the trip (travel) time.
This field however is absent when writing time via the mobile app.
When trying to add the field via the screen configurator I run into several problems.
First of all the field is not listed in the JSON string when looking at the object type effort.
Secondly it is therefore also absent when going into the screen configuration UI.
Third when trying to add the field I come up empty as it is not part of UDF META (as it is a Coresuite Time field).
Fourth I cannot seem to find is when querying the could API.

I have discussed this with support and they have informed me that this field does not exist in the Cloud.

Is there any plan to incorporate this or a decent workaround? As we would like this information to be visible in the Coresuite Time UDO's in SAP.



Maarten Kusters



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  • Hello Maarten,

    UDFs in coresuite time is special. It is not really SAP standard UDO. We implement via third part library. so UDFs on coresuite time will not display in time recording form. The workaround could be is using customize to auto duplicate this udfs to exisiting fields which you are not using. then you could see the value you want. Please let me know if any questions.

    Best regards,


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