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Dear Development Team,

I submitted my trouble ticket two days ago regarding item list order. I thought this is part of problem so I send them a message, but I received a reply saying  that this is part of development job.

It is about the items order when creating a quote, that will put the newer item to be appeared on the top instead in the bottom.

For example,we have our outside sales added item #3412-144 first, next he added item #9974-72.
The item #9974-72 going to be showed under the item #3412-144, but instead our sales needs the item #9974-72 to be appeared on the top.

The effectiveness will go up, because they don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom to delete/edit the newer item in the bottom. Imagine if there are 500+ items.

Please see picture below to show more clear explanations:

Figure 1:

Current settings:

- Item no 1 (item  #3412-144) is the first item entered, always appears on top

Figure 2:

Proposed settings:

- Item no 2 (#9974-72) that is entered after Item no 1 (item  #3412-144) will always appears on top

I hope this will take into consideration in the next update. 

Thank you.


Best Regards,




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    Dear Ichsan,

    Many thanks for your feedback.  Yes this was a definite problem and so we have fixed it with release 5.50 which went live last week.  In the new version we still add new items to the bottom of the list, for usability reasons, but always keep the newest item shown at the bottom of the list so that you can easily check/correct your entries - even with 500+ entries.  We hope you like the changes but please just remember to sync before you upgrade!


    Martin Rainbow

  • Hi Martin, 

    I am sorry but this is not the answer I am looking for.

    As stated on my request, I want the newest item always shows on the top, NOT at the bottom of the list.

    I also already updated to the latest version 5.50, and showing newest item not on the top.

    Please help with this problem.

    Thank you.

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