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Hi Team,

Note that I realized, Leco have a few requests for the offline reporting.
Attached is the report in Question with details.

Please see below requests:

2.3. Adjusting the spacing of the Item No to allow for 20 characters as is the value within SAP – refer to report screenshot above.
SAP call 320414 Created. Core system call 71194

2.4. Move the Notes added to Material to reflect under the Description rather than under Who – refer to report screenshot above.
2.5. Could the Who & Equipment SN under Material be a report selection to display or hide?
2.6. Could Manufacturer Serial Number under Equipment also be an option to select when generating the report?

Taking all of this into consideration, would it be possible to have an Offline Report created for just our Cloud Accounts?

Regards Ivan



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    Hi Ivan,

    Currently it is not possible to adjust the offline report for customers.

    We are planing to make a report available based on JasperSoft that also runs offline. Then we could make the adjustments for the customer or even the customer or partner can do it themselves.

    The report will be based on the current online report template.

    The current plan to have this available is mid 2017. Note that this plan might change due to unforeseen technical difficulties.

    Kind Regards,


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