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LECO has multiple subsidiaries around the world with different languages other than English.  In an attempt to find a way to report back to the US in English and provide the subsidiary the facility to report in a language the customer understands, we started utilizing Activity Feedback.  Unfortunately, we add more than one Activity Feedback entry to a Service Report – hence the enhancement request in order to make it more user friendly.


Currently the Activity Feedback displays in an ascending order in accordance with the code associated with it.  There has been some requests that it displays in the order the user adds the entries.


Another is that the user has the ability to edit / delete the Activity Feedback once the device has been synced before the Assignment has been Checked Out.  The reason for this is that a job could span a couple of days.  The technician would want to sync in order to receive new jobs, but still have the flexibility to edit or delete the Activity Feedback upon review before checking out and closing the Assignment.



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    Hi Ivan,

    Regarding the report we will display the Activity Feedback also in the Online Report from 5.50 onwards. Then you will also be able to customize the report to the customer needs and change the order.

    Other customers have defined the codes in a way that it always makes sense to sort the list by code that is why we cannot adjust the standard offline report that cannot be customized.

    For the edit / delete I will create a feature request. It makes sense to me but we have to estimate it and see if it can be done as part of the current plans. The main challenge is to make sure that the information is not sent to the ERPs (e.g. SAP) before the activity was checked out.

    Kind Regards,


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