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  2. Reservations (Sapphire ref: 313861)


They introduced new functionality to add and release Activities from within SAP which will then display on the Resource Planner.  We find that this concept will work perfectly to also display Reservations as the technician will have the capability to modify the date and time as these reservations change.  The reason why we are looking at this, is due to the fact that when you create reservations on the resource planner, it does not appear on the mobile device and the technician does not have a reminder of a task such as training etc.  Unfortunately, you can only use this new functionality when the Activity is linked to a Service Call.  Could we request that they consider enhancing this functionality to either have Reservations appear on the Mobile device and provide tables for reporting purposes as this adds to productivity or provide the capability to add any Activity not linked to a Service Call to the Resource Planner.



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  • Hello Ivan,

    We are planning this topic now in our FSM solution. For details, please follow our news letter or release notes in future. 

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