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  • From Marolien at Leco:
  • The Online Report (serviceCheckout template) allows the user the ability to attach checklists when they send the Service Report.


This is a great idea with the exception that you cannot select which checklists you want to attach, as some might be internal checklists which should not go to the customer e.g. the Inventory Transfer Request Checklist that is generated from the device, but yet recorded against the assignment.


We have been playing around to see how we can add the checklists with the Offline Service Report, but we still end up having to create the Service Report and save it to a location such as iCloud or OneDrive.  One then has to go to the checklist, Print & Send and then attach the Service Report.  One does not even have the ability to e-mail the Service Report from the device once the Activity has been closed.


Could we request Coresystems if they would consider some functionality that would make it easier to send one e-mail, but with the additional attachments to the customer.



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    Hi Ivan and Marolien,

    By default when sending an email from the activity detail screen all files attached to this activity are attached to the email and the user can select which attachments to keep and which to delete before sending the email.

    In order to attach the reports to the activity we have different configuration options:

    1. Configure the company setting "CoreSystems.ObjectsSupportingAttachments" in the Admin to allow that it is possible to directly attach any report to the activity. Then the user can decide which checklist or activity report to attach to the activity

    2. Business Rules to automatically create attachments in case a checklist is closed. This would only work when the technician synchronizes the data at the right time and depends on the business requirements to define it accordingly

    I hope this helps to solve your requirements.

    Kind Regards,


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