Service Report - Item 20 Char

Cloud services: 

Could you please adjust the report to show the 20 Char or the Item code? 






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    Hi Ivan,

    Which report are you talking about exactly?

    We currently have 2 different reports available

    - Online report - We try to match to most of our customers needs but there is not always the possibility to make all information displayed optimal for all customers. We will check if there is enough space available to make this field larger. In general it is possible to adjust this report also by yourself. For information refer to our online documentation:

    - Offline report built in the iOS App - This is currently not maintained anymore. We plan to replace it with a report template that is based on the online report

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Kind Regards,

    Friederike Mundt

  • Hi Friederike

    They only utilize the Offline report on the app as currently, this is the only report that displays all the data such as the Activity Feedback.


    So I can go back to the client with something; When do you plan to replace the reporting for the Offline one? 




  • Hi Friederike

    Happy New Year

    Could you let us know if this is being looked at? 




  • Hi Ivan, 

    We are currently working on adjusting the standard online report to include the activity feedback, this will be available latest Mid March. If needed a the report can also be customised specifically for the customer won request if the customer covers the costs for the efforts.

    There are no plans to adjust the current offline report. 

    The plan to replace the offline report with a report that is based on the JasperSoft Report template and runs both offline and online is planned for Mid May 2017.

    Hope this helps.

    Kind Regards,


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