Adjustment to how attachments are saved in Smartforms

Dear customers and partners,

A few months ago, SAP changed how attachments are saved in smartforms. These changes were introducing in the the following mobile versions:


Android: 10.5.0

iOS: 10.4.0

Windows: 12.6.0


The mobile versions are backwards compatible and able to process attachments saved in smartforms by prior versions as well as the cloud. However please note that versions prior to the those listed above are NOT able to process attachments in smartforms creaed in versions of the app starting with the introduction of these changes. 


Additionally, SAP plan on aligning the cloud with the mobile application versions listed above. This would mean that once the cloud changes are live, versions prior to above versions will no longer be able to process attachments saved in smartforms. We therefor kindly ask you to upgrade to at least the above mentioned versions before 1 May 2023.

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