First- and second-level obligations of FSM Partners

Partners are contractually obliged to provide first and second level support services. In case our support team has to perform the analysis described below, these efforts will be chargeable.

Please note that the following analysis must be performed BEFORE opening a ticket to avoid billable efforts.

Configuration issues and consulting services are always billable.

1. Superuser settings available in the Admin portal

1.1 User Group

  • Check if the user is active, a plannable resource
  • Change user's password
  • Change user's user group

1.2 Group Permission

  • Check the Permission read, create, update, delete

1.3 Company Settings

  • Mapping of the Service Call

1.4 Business Rules

  • Check execution logs
  • Validate BR with failed Object

1.5 Screen Configurations

  • Check if they are enabled

1.6 Query API

  • Check the ERP Error table
  • Check the objects in question (Service Call, Activity, ServiceAssignment): status? Syncstatus?
  • Check the Person / UnifiedPerson

1.7 ERP Connector

  • Check the connector version

1.8 Audit Logs

  • Check the history on an Object


2. Troubleshooting Mobile Apps

2.1 Delete Database on Mobile App

2.2 Managing Sync Performance


3. Available shell settings

3.1 Planning board

3.2 System Monitoring

  • Check if any object is blocked
  • Check the error message


4. SAP B1 & SAP FSM Cloud Connector

Check the following files:


5. How to open a ticket for FSM

Before opening a ticket, make sure that the issue has been properly tested and/or reproduced.

5.1 Include a detailed issue description

  1. System details:
    • Cloud Account name:
    • Database/Company name:
    • Affected user(s):
    • *Mobile app version and Operating System:
    • *SAP FSM Cloud Connector Version:
    • *ERP version and PL:
  2. Issue description:
    • Analysis performed so far:
    • *Examples (service call/activity/sales order -number):
    • *Include attachments (screenshots, connector logs, short video).
  3. Is this behavior reproducible in both test and productive environment?
    • Steps of reproduction:
    • Expected behavior:

(*) If applicable

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